Wayne & Pike Trails & Waterways Alliance

Wayne & Pike Trails & Waterways Alliance

The Wayne & Pike Trails & Waterways Alliance (WPTWA) is a group of people who envision an intercounty system of connected land and water trails. We believe that these trails will be truly life-changing for local residents, improving our quality of life, as well as inspiring for visitors and advantageous for our economy. The long-term vision has been called a legacy project, one that transforms our corner of Pennsylvania for generations to come, impacting our health and well-being, our natural assets, and our sense of history and community.

Initial projects under the umbrella of the WPTWA include the Stourbridge Rail and Trail, the Honesdale River Project, and HonesTrails.

Stourbridge Rail and Trail:

Under the guidance of Tom Myles, owner of the Stourbridge Line, the goal of this project is to build a multi-use trail alongside the historic Stourbridge Line, making it unique in its design as rails with trails. The first trail will connect Honesdale to White Mills and Hawley. Eventually this trail will reach to Rowlands and Lackawaxen in Pike County. When connected to the trails in the Honesdale area, the full system will include 28 miles of trails, placing Stourbridge Rail and Trail in the top 10 trail systems in Pennsylvania.

Honesdale River Project:

The idea behind this project is to embrace the river that runs through our beautiful town by building trails, clearing areas for viewing and relaxing by the river, and providing safe, designated access points for fishing, boating, and old-fashioned river fun. Interpretive and educational signage will highlight natural and historical details so that residents and visitors of all ages can appreciate what the town offers. The vision of this project also includes repurposing buildings and sites along the river to provide more opportunities for economic growth by way of entertainment venues, restaurants, and boutique shops.

Honesdale has multiple borough properties, two of which are large enough to develop trail systems. Apple Grove Park and Gibbons Park (Irving Cliff) can provide improved recreational opportunities for locals and can attract visitors to enjoy a free amenity in our town. Thanks to the tireless Dan Corrigan and others, three miles of trail have already been built between these two parks. These two properties offer an abundance of opportunities for continued development and improvement.

Our current focus is to conduct a feasibility study and develop a master plan for the Honesdale to Hawley stretch, with the support of the Wayne County Commissioners. In the future, we may also need a feasibility study and master plan for the Hawley to Lackawaxen stretch, with the support of the Pike County Commissioners. These steps are essential for any future state, federal, and nonprofit grants we will seek for implementation. We will continue to develop components of these projects regardless of our success in acquiring grants, through volunteer efforts and donations.

The long-term vision of the WPTWA is to connect to other trail systems from the main stem of our trail, The Stourbridge Rail and Trail. Some of the trail connections that currently exist and will be included in future plans are Prompton State Park (DCNR), BicyclePA Route Y route, Dorflinger-Suydam Wildlife Sanctuary, Lock 31 House, Hawley River Walk Trail, Wallenpaupack Creek and Gorge Trails, Lake Wallenpaupack Trail, Delaware State Forest, Promised Land State Park (DCNR), Zane Grey Historic Site (NPS), and Upper Delaware Scenic Byway, New York State Route 97.

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